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Synthetic Turf FAQs

Synthetic turf is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. We use Imperial Synthetic Turf, which is manufactured using the latest, safest, and coolest yarn systems available. Their synthetic lawns have gone through rigorous testing to allow for maximum longevity.
To clean your new synthetic turf, rinse the affected area with water as needed. For pet-related messes, pick up solid waste, and the remaining residue can be sprayed clean. To avoid odors from occurring, rinse your new synthetic turg frequently to remove any build-up of odor-causing bacterial spores.
Synthetic turf allows landscaping projects to have an immaculate yard year-round without the hassles that typical sod requires. No mowing, no chemicals, no weeds, and it’s weather-resistant! Synthetic turf is incredibly durable, especially for high foot traffic.